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Said Rahim from Tanzania message

Said Rahim from Tanzania message
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I think Car from japan is one of the largest vehicle exporting company that’s been operating worldwide, The company’s reputation has grown over the years in the market as they have been successfully selling and delivering cars from japan all over the world

Why should you pick me, honestly i have thousands of reasons but here are a few i have always loved cars even as a little boy the only toys i wanned was cars i loved watching my drive since thats his proffession, as a teenager i alaays dreamt of buying one back then i didn’t even know how to drive but when i go to sleep i get dreams that im actually driving funnh right? I know anyway to cut the story short i come from a poor african family i live i grew up in a simple neighborhood i went to a simple school and collage i have been unemployed for almost almost a year now and even if i had a job i wouldn’t be able to afford my dream car, although one of my life time goals is getting myself one i know i wouldn’t be able to because i have 2 little sisters in school my parents cant afford go keep them in school they are expecting me to get a job and take on the responsibility

I am 24 years old in Tanzania thats the age you are supposed to start depending on your self, the age where you biuld yourlife get your own apartment but i have financial crisis can’t explain there are just way too many details

Car from japan i know you recieved hundreds of thousands of requests but if you gst to read this please grant me the opportunity win my dream car…… The NISSAN NOTE
I will be overjoyed

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