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Sahid Ali from India message

Sahid Ali from India message
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First of all i believe in you japan,you are not like china who is cheating with other countries you are the nation which stands opposite to cruelity,and cars from japan i think its same like japan as it have eaten food of japan (a phrase in indian language Eaten salt of Japan) thats why i trust you and i am totally devoted towards car ,this made me too to apply for your contest,i love gaining knowledge about cars and exploring world of new technology which is being installed in cars ,i am sure that i win the contest and prove one time again that japan is real king of technology…one thing more japan is always first in gaining maximum speed so i believe that the country that can gain maximum speed in cars and trains have a good engines and i need this golden engines to experience to fly like birds woth such a extreme and hot engines,i apprecoate cars from japan for taking me in this contest and i am sure that i will win the car

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