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Sadesh Darshana Chandrasekara from Sri Lanka message

Sadesh Darshana Chandrasekara from Sri Lanka message
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since last year i ‘m trying to be the lucky winner of this car from Japan competition. not only for the vehicle as a disciplined country Japan is my first choice ever. so i love so much cars which is made under japanese technology even motor bikes. considering modern environment requirements they have now implemented the zero emission vehicles to the world. according to the regional demands they have developed their designs and technology to the customers which is best match with their budget. as a srilankan i know there are some vehicles which is made in below 1980 still running in good condition in sri lanka. so i believe it’s because of their technology and high material and mechanical quality. Japanese used car also the same a loyal customer of japan brand, i think you should have pay you concern to me to win this competition.

whether i win or not, as a marketing plan this is best choice to attract large number of vehicle dreamers all around the world to gain high market demand to the japanese vehicles.

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