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Sabri Jamil from Tanzania message

Sabri Jamil from Tanzania message
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actually it is quite a good question by asking why you should pick me as a the winner my answer is that when you pick me as a winner in your company that deals with CAR FROM JAPAN then it will be one of the best choice because it will create a good relationship between Japan and my country Tanzania and i believe may be there will be more sponsors from my country so that they can support you in such things like these competitions.
And the answer for the second question is that from the bottom of my heart i know and believe that CAR FROM JAPAN brings the best products(cars) and people love your cars and the way i think of CAR FROM JAPAN is a good company and i believe that you archive more goals than expected and i believe even i will get a chance to win in your company so that we all can reach our goals successfully.
Thank you
by Sabri Jamil.

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