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Ryan Robertson from USA message

Ryan Robertson from USA message
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First, Car From Japan defiantly has the best selection of cars that I could ever find, and I have looked at pretty much every website that imports cars to the U.S. Even some of my friends that have been looking to get a Nissan Skyline R32 have been looking everywhere and I keep telling them to look at Car From Japan, and even they were amazed with the selection and prices. So the reason why I feel like I should be honored with winning is because I used to have a USDM 2001 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS and had it for less than a year before I got into a crazy wreck that everyone that I showed pictures of it was surprised that I was even still walking. So ever since then I’ve been looking for a car that can match the way I felt for that car. Knowing that every time I go through a intersection there’s at least one person just in awe with how beautiful that car was, it was a feeling that I really can’t even describe. Since I have found this website almost every day since then I keep looking to find the perfect car that I can afford to not only get that feeling back but to have a piece of Japan too. Especially after watching videos from channels like noriyaro and CZeroMedia seeing what the real car culture from Japan is like, has made me and my friend want to plan a trip there to see everything first hand. Even seeing some of the cars on Car From Japan has made me want to go there even more with the possibility of going to a real parking garage meet and being able to see how things are really done in Japan and not how a fat old man from America thinks cars from Japan are modified. So the main reason why I hope I can win is to be able to get the car of my dreams again and be able to get that feeling back that is just indescribable. Thank you for this opportunity please pick me! Ryan Robertson

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