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Ryan McDonald from Canada message

Ryan McDonald from Canada message
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Car from Japan I believe you should choose me as one of your winners for a Japanese used car, as I’m not asking for much at all and I’m certainly not trying to be greedy with the vehicle I’m hoping to win. It could be almost any make of Kei truck, I would be extremely grateful and forever in your debt. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself. I’m a very hard working individual and I am currently a serving member of Royal Canadian Navy, and have served my country proudly for the past 12 years from the time I was 16 years old. I support my wife and daughter so my wife can be a full time mother to my daughter. Because my daughter deserves to be raised by her mom and dad and not a baby sitter, I do just about anything to make money on the side to pay what bills my salary can’t, including refereeing minor hockey, when possible to better ourselves . I’m a self taught wood worker and I commonly use those skills to produce outdoor furniture such as picnic tables and chairs and could really use a Kei truck to help with deliveries and some advertisement possibly. The versatility of the Kei truck is amazing and hands down the best option for me with up to 50mpg reported fuel efficiency. I’ve been fascinated with Kei trucks since I’ve first saw one drive past me about 2 years ago and I would love nothing more than to own one. Lately I’ve done a lot of research with regards to purchasing and importing a Kei truck but because of my current financial situation, the money is just too tight to do so and I would have to wait a couple of years at least to import my dream truck. I believe I would be a great ambassador and representative to Car From Japan and your sponsors and used Japanese cars in general because of where I work, thousands of people would see the vehicle daily, just in the parking lot alone at my place of employment, tens of thousands would see it in and around the city. If you were to select me as a winner and chose to put some form of advertising on the vehicle, your name would reach thousands of people daily and I would be quite ok with advertising for you. Most people are going to look at the vehicle as it’s very unique so it would be very easy to successfully advertise for you and your sponsors. Please consider me for your contest as I would proudly show off my vehicle and show support to Car from Japan and your sponsors with a Japanese used car.

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