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Ruzindana Jean Claude from Rwanda message

Ruzindana Jean Claude from Rwanda message
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Thank you very much CAR FROM JAPAN for allowing me to enter this contest. I will be very grateful if I can win a Japanese used car, and as the regulations concerning cars entry in my country don’t allow right hand drive, in case I am a winner of a Japanese used car, I would love to have a Left Hand Drive car. I extend my deep appreciation to CAR FROM JAPAN for this good initiative to share their wealth to other people, giving a chance to people to own a car and personally even though I don’t get anything I will still be happy that elsewhere, somebody else received something from CAR FROM JAPAN and thus there are out there some persons made happy by CAR FROM JAPAN!!
So, keep it up, please continue putting a smile on many faces as business is also a matter of a good reputation!
Jean Claude.

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