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Ruka Ratieta from Kiribati message

Ruka Ratieta from Kiribati message
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Some people like my old grand father always say that cars are so useful and reliable in terms of transportation. In other ways with the view of accident on the road,cars collide on other cars and some result in road accident. We should all remember that cars are driven by people and drivers drives the car to wherever they wish to go. So people are responsible for the accidents not cars. Then before you drive you have to learn how to think ahead presume what the failures in your car and how’s your health in that moment. After that you should think of what kind of traffic on that day. Well equipment and best cars are also accountable for your safety.In driving you should consider people that also using the roads and don’t ingore road signs. Cars from Japan are one of the best cars in the world because they had been sold cars for so long and they learned from what they sold (cars). Also they have many companies and they are compete among them and that’s make them quality in their stock. Since I was a child a learned that Japan sell cars and still selling cars with good promotions.Companies have to be rewarded for their hard work because they are also contribute to the world civilisation. Cars made by manufacturers and customers are the ones using cars. There must be a good relationship between campanies and people using cars. That will makes us proud of what we manufacture and what we are using as cars.
I am not the person to drive cars for my own benefit or because it’s will be my
first car of my own beside my government and relatives’ car. But I just want to tell people that cars are to be used well in the roads and to follows traffic regulations and to show people how is your car looks like and how it’s ride on the road. And thats are the best cars which are from Japan. Japan is one of the world best manufacturers of cars wihch has many type of cars you may dream of. Thanks to this offer of competiton which worth a lots for guys like me if have the chance and opportunity.
I know that to be a winner is not an easy thing, as we know during every competition there must be only one winner and that’s true.

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