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Roy Martin from Kenya message

Roy Martin from Kenya message
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Dear Man Phan,Chief Marketing Officer,Car from Japan,
I first want to thank you and your organization for giving me ,among many other clients the opportunity to own a dream car.
I think you should pick me as a winner because , I am a young man almost headed for college. Most college goers in my country rely on public transport to get to their institutions which proves at most times highly unreliable.I have always planned to own a car so as to avoid the challenges faced such as unstable fare charged due to scarcity of service especially during strikes and added cost due to distance from the institution. I have read of claims that I have faith in that Japan is the best at producing quality vehicles and I would therefore prefer my dream car ,if you pick me as a lucky winner to be from Japan. I cannot afford to purchase a car and winning the vehicle would stabilise costs for me as a student and aid in managing of my finances and budget as well as help me avoid circumstances where public transport is unavailable. I believe that education is very important and I should do whatever I can to eliminate any obstacles from helping me achieve my dreams.
I would greatly appreciate it if you chose me and I will do whatever I can to spread the word to people around my area of residence of the benefits and why Japan is the way to go if one is considering purchase of a new or used vehicle. Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Roy Martin.

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