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Roshan from Tanzania message

Roshan from Tanzania message
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Hello there,
I woke this morning not feeling well but I after visit one of my friends page and found this compagn CAR FROM JAPAN I’m now feeling better because I see a way to my Dream car. In my country here in Tanzania most of cars we use are from Japan and most of them as well are Japanese used cars, my self I stared own vehicle it was 2013 my first car was used Toyota mark|| gx100 engine: 1G – FE it was a very nice car for me because of speed, fuel consumption was nice but it is now light off then turned my self to Toyota mark|| gx110 same engine with gx100 and my last car was Toyota verrossa engine: 1JZ – FE this car had Turbo and intercooler it was so special for me and what I like from the car is speed then I lost my car some people stole it from there I’ve never own a car again but I wish to have something like mark X with turbo and intercooler will be nice for sure.
But I have something to speak about this CAR FROM JAPAN or Cars from Japan they actually make nice cars and not in a bad price, easy to find spare parts We love Japanese cars especially Toyota everywhere in Tanzania you will find them but for my advice you know most of African countries which are the most users of Japanese used cars we still don’t have better Road services and some places they still use rough road so I this it is better to build this cars a bit high some time is not easy to cross a Humps without drive S on it ,Airbag system some time you can be driving in a rough road when the car forced touch down Airbeg opens I this there too sensitive but for our Road it is a problem.Fuel consumption it is nice you always the best for that.
I believe I deserve to win because since I lost my car I’m now working hard learn how to fix cars so I’m learning to be a nice keeper of my next Car also iam a farmer a small farmer and my farm is 2hours drive , 100km from my place now I get a hard time to go there because of stransport I have to use public stransport which time me more than 5hours to reach.Also because I’ve been using Japanese used car and it is my dream to own another CAR FROM JAPAN I beleave I deserve it.
Thank you

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