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‘Cars From Japan’ is a good competition. It connects people from all over the world and from all the races in the world. It is evident that Japan is viewed as an industrialized country that is popular for its standardized products all over the world. During my childhood the word ‘JAPAN” always made me eager to hear more of the story since it was respected to be a great nation among a few others during those days. It never occurred to me that one day even the so called “Third World Countries’ would one day reach where majority of them are today! Great honour goes to Japan as a nation because it allowed its inventions and great knowledge to be shared all over the world without any much reservations as would have been with other Third World Nations.Products from Japan used to be priced differently since they were always associated with high qualities unlike other products from other parts of the world especially in the technological field. A good example is the cars from Japan whereby all cars from Japan were considered to be of quality and of good value regardless of the cost they were given. Hence, Cars From Japan and Japanese used cars are products that will always be admired among other products on the job market.
The marketing strategy of Cars From Japan is also commendable. This is because majority of people around the world can now be reached very fast and widely using the social media. Thus, the use of face book as the mode of communication to reach the targeted market is commendable.
Kenya is one of the partners in the market world for Japan. This is so because Kenya as a country do not manufacture its own vehicles despite the fact that there are so many Kenyans knowledgeable to do that. This does not mean that Kenyans lack the skill. It is due to the reason of invention and the policies that surround business and regulations therein. Otherwise, Japan would be experiencing great competition over production and marketing of vehicles among other products. I congratulate the leaders of most Third World Nations because they chose the partner with Japan in business so that they offer market for the products from Japan thus enabling exchange on very friendly terms. Japan on the other side has not taken anything for granted ant I believe that is why ‘Car From Japan’/’Japanese used car’ competition is on. This is a great strategy towards promotion of the products as well as rewarding those who cherish the product by all means. Long live ‘Cars From Japan/Japanese used cars.

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