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Rosa Oraing from Papua New Guinea message

Rosa Oraing from Papua New Guinea message
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I am a single parent with 3 children aged 4, 9 and 11. We don’t have a proper public transport in our town and travelling is always a struggle every day to work and school. You will put a smile on my children’s face everyday and give them the answer to their prayers if you choose me as the winner. I couldn’t afford a car unless I get a loan but I do not want to get a loan because what I earn is hardly enough to last a whole fortnight. I really need a car to assist me in my daily struggles.

I think CAR FROM JAPAN is a great dealer of quality cars at very affordable prices. I see great discounts every time . This campaign is truly the best campaign ever to assist and bless it’s followers and customers. CAR FROM JAPAN has made it possible for many average income earners in my country to buy their first vehicle.

I value your campaign and hope the winners are the ones who truly need the prizes.

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