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Roboam Wiriton from Kiribati message

Roboam Wiriton from Kiribati message
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For the last ten years. I noticed that all used cars from Japan lasted more than the new ones ordered from the same place. Now I know that is better to buy a reconditioned car from Japan than to order a brand new one. This will save”s you time and money. The world is fighting for a safer and clean future, so if you are using the used cars, you will be contributing to the reduction of CO gases for manufacturing new ones along with less waste too.

The advantage I know form using used cars is that they cost less. Another is that used cars from Japan have been rid of the easy damage parts. They are made for Japan so they must be better by 80% in any ways to the ones exported for marketing out of Japan.

Lastly is that what do you have to lose. NOTHING you only help in recycling and it is a true win win game. If play your part right you will be thankful that you did what you did. So help yourself to this awesome gift and you will feel much better.

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