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Robert Raymond Mbujilo from Tanzania message

Robert Raymond Mbujilo from Tanzania message
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Thank you for giving me a chance for participating in that competition, I would like to participate in that topic which state that ” why should we pick you as the winner?”

The answer is very simple due to the following reason:-

  1. I am the one who prefer to use the product from Japan because of high quality and it stay for a longtime for example my father use a motorcycle (HONDA) from Japan and stay with it for twelve years without repairing also the Tanzania government would like to import the official car from Japan especially Toyota land cruiser so for that reason it made me to believe CAR FROM JAPAN
    2.By picking me to be a winner it would be right decision because I will be a good ambassador for advertising CAR FROM JAPAN in different part of my country also in abroad for that case you shall increase your customers and also the profit of your company.

3.Furthermore, Japan advanced in car making technology for many years ago so that made me to be very interesting in that competition of Car from Japan because I know if I shall win it means that I shall get strong car from japan which I shall stay with it for a longtime.

  1. Also for a longtime I was finding the support of doing business with people from various countries, so if I shall win this competition of CAR FROM JAPAN it will be my opportunity to reach my dreams because through that many people can know me and me know them.

  2. I have got big confidence, I know you make that competition not only to get a winner of car but also you need people who can explain that product to the other customers so for that case I am the one who can do that confidently and I shall increase you customer, you shall working together with me.

For those few reasons I believe that you will understand me why you would be choose me as winner.

Thank you for your attention!!!

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