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Robert Bangizi from Uganda message

Robert Bangizi from Uganda message
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I should be picked as a winner because i will stand as an icon in East Africa (Uganda) and Africa in general to advertise your operations. I currently run a training company that meets diversity of people especially the working class and fresh graduates from Universities across Africa. We train the youth unemployed with hands-on skills and the employed with field based approaches under DataCapital; Each session is attended by close to 100 people per month, by mathematics, in five years we have a good number of graduates who are trained. These are main teams/ generations that buy vehicles because they have started life after school. Also field officers buy vehicles because they have capacity. We have so far close to 5000 people on our WhatsApp platform of the trainees and a number of mails across africa. Sharing the privilege from you after you make me a winner will increase marketing of your vehicles in Africa. The organisation plans to do more intensive training across Africa and shall be spreading news about your company vehicle sales. We also have a TV program attached to the organisation training. All these will improve your reach out as the best selling company if you consider me the MD of Data Capital International. Additionally, my company operates from Makerere University. Makerere Univerisity is one of the oldest and best performing Universities in Africa. Considering me will put you on map of Africa with generations of students knowing about you for further transactions.

On the otherhand, Car from Japan Company is not very popular and still requires rigorous advertisement across Africa. I am ready to set a side a desk in my office to advertise your vehicles to my trainees across Africa as we move across the continent training various people with entrepreneurship, project planning and management and Agribusiness management among others. Please give me the opportunity and i become the winner. I have also been invited for HIve global leadership 3 days training come December and this is my opportunity to talk about you.

Consider Bangizi Robert from Uganda, a winner!!!!!!!!!!!

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