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rob mccculley from USA message

rob mccculley from USA message
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When I got married. I had to teach my wife to drive in a left hand drive 1978 Toyota truck with a 5 speed . Winning a Car from Japan would be a challenge for both of us cause I have only learned to drive on the left hand side also. I have owned a few Japanese used cars and trucks. I enjoyed everyone them to the end. My first car was a 1970 Toyota corona , had it for about 1 yr. Next came a 1972 celica for about 4 yrs , then 1978 Toyota truck that (someone had put a free sign in it keys and title in the seat . Ran to a friends house grabbed some tools and went back to get it, found out no fuel was getting to the carb. pulled the fuel filter found some small bamboo used it in place of the filter drove it straight to the dmv transferred the title. Then went around the corner grabbed a inline fuel filter and replaced it.) Drove it for about 5 yrs. then I had two more trucks a 1982 and 1989 Toyota . when they say a half ton truck is to move a half ton they lied . The 78 Toyota move about 1 3/4 ton of scrap metal in the bed of the truck and a 10ft trailer. The last few years we have been driving odd and ends of cars, but we lost our last one due to repo. I have been riding busses and ridding my bike to work.
So winning a car would help us greatly. My wife is helping taking care of her mom .who has had 17 plus strokes -she has trouble remembering thing that happens day to day. We would enjoy it ,of course I would have to reteach my wife how to drive after I learn to drive on the right side lol. Then I would have to teach my daughter. thank goodness the son moved out already.

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