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RICHELLE A. LAS PIÑAS from Philippines message

RICHELLE A. LAS PIÑAS from Philippines message
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A pleasant Good Day CAR FROM JAPAN Company. I’m very happy to receive an invitation to join this amazing giveaway. I would like to take this opportunity to own car by joining here.

I am Richelle A. Las Piñas, I’m 23 years old, single, living in Bicol Region, Philippines. I working as a simple staff in construction company here in our City. My mother is a laundry women and my father is a construction workers. We are 6 sibling, 4 boys and 2 girls. My father works far away, we only see each other one a year. There is only one thing I want and dream in my life is to uplift the status of life of my family. To give them a comfortable life to live and have a better education for my sister and brothers. I’m working as a liaison officer in small company here in our city. We are living located in a coastal area; our house was made in native materials, such as wood, some portion was made with cement, and Anahaw roof. The lot was owned by the government and its belong to what some other called it “Squatters Area”. Every time there is a typhoon we evacuated in Gymnasium away from our barangay and wait until the typhoon passes by before coming back to our Barangay. Also my single mother “untie” with her two sons were living in our house. I help them to take of care of her child and give them a better education also. I love helping people around me and I’m very glad that your companies also do the same.
To answer your first question “why should you pick me as the winner?” practically it’s because my family needed this and because I want to own a car for my family and it would be a great honor if it is came from CAR FROM JAPAN, because I know It’s one of the BEST CAR EVER in the world.. I know they will be surprise if one day a Car from Japan will be delivering outside the small house of my family. I couldn’t imagine how happy they are if it is come true. I want it to dedicate to my loving and hardworking man of my life “My Father” he deserve it so that he can easily for her to visit us anytime he wants, the moment he feel so homesick and missed us. He getting older and I realize that I want him to spend much more time with us, with my mother. He’s birthday is coming too soon and I give nothing ever since but to be a good girl daughter for her. I hope this year there is one big thing I can present him a gift with loved. Something he would love to have, something he will never forget, something he can use and something unique. I hope Car from Japan would be part of it. Because even though your company sold it in a very affordable prices for those who has money but for some people like me, a poor citizen here in Philippines, I honestly say that I can afford it. We much give priority our basic needs. Our daily needs to survive every day and to send my sister and brother in school to learn and educate. Because it the only way and key to eliminate the poverty that we are experiencing right now.
The second question is” How do I think about CAR FROM JAPAN? ” well is definitely good from the sponsor and people behind it up to the quality of CARS. Most of all it is the most trusted and reliable brand of Car, that’s why I really love your cars. CAR FROM JAPAN are one of the best compare to other countries manufacturer’s cars A single word can’t exactly describe how Good there are. I can’t imagine that there is someone like them who are willing to give away free Car from Japan. Base from want I see, I have read, and a little experience regarding the Car that your company are selling. Car from Japan is has great in Quality, lowest price and give services that reach the expectation of the user. I see elderly Toyota, Honda, Ford and other Car from Japan driving around our city and still good to used and drive long distance or short distance, probably the car form your country last longer than others. The Car from japan is very popular in Philippines. I have experience one of your car when I worked in a small construction company in our city, my manager use Ford Ranger and I love its design, I’m very comfortable when I joined them traveling to manila. We got reach the manila in 9 hours which is supposed to be 12 hours if we use to commute through buss. Your company has a greatest credibility, its support and services, warranty as well are very important. The services are in a higher quality. Its design from the interior to the exterior attracts the buyers that they would love too.
It would be a great honor if I win CAR FROM JAPAN for my father. I wish that I will be one of the winner in this 2017 giveaway contest, it will be great pleasure and a huge blessing if I won. If I became one of your winner I will also be a good ambassador and a very proudly to represent for the CAR FROM JAPAN in my country.
Lastly, I’d like to thank you for the promo giveaway that you conducted, the opportunity you give to extend heartfelt hand and the blessing to the people who can’t buy and personally own a car. I’m hoping to become one of the winners. I will do my best to aim and be one of the deserving people of this contest. I wish your entire team CAR FROM JAPAN is forever be blessed by God. More power to CAR FROM JAPAN…

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