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Reginald from Philippines message

Reginald from Philippines message
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I always dreaming of having a car, im working as a call center here in the philippines, im youngest among 3 siblings, 3 days ago i saw online about installment plan for car, and when i saw the downpayment and monthly i think i cant afford getting that, i used to plan resigning at work since working at night is not healthy, i plan to have GRAB a car so that i can manage my time and at the same time i will have time for my son, im a single parent when i saw your offer i pray before i send it that migjt GOD bless me to win, if not i think he has different way for me to win a car someday. I love to work and drive i know i will earn more for my family and i can pursue my son study. If given a chance to win it will really change our life and i cant support my family financially. Thank you

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