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Reddy julius from Tanzania message

Reddy julius from Tanzania message
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Here on the cars from Japan and the company from Japan are so adorable where. Most people in the world when they get an opportunity of buying a car they are very much interested with the Japan cars and there those which have spread almost all over the world and I my self I even dare to support these cars of Japan that in every year several modes of new car are from Japan with different style and most point of why people like this car is that ,the cars are very durable they live so long Here in Africa the cars of japan are been used several years that is more than twenty years without any destructive hour the cars were checked several time .these cars from Japan take so long without strong msintanance .do we say ,we do try to compare the cars from other countries .Where good cars are made but they never take long this means that they are not durable and hence they take very short period of time on the car from Japan There is a techlogy of car making and a car assembling in this world there are Plenty of companies in the World dearing with car manufacturing ,several countries where cars are made like China,Japan,Russia,England,America and other so many countries in the world who are dealing with this activities of car making I still insist that the beautiful cars of japan are likely to most of people who loves then .In history of the technology of cars Japan has won ,no any state have ever won on the production of cars ,the nature of cars from japan are defencntly strong .I even advice other people in other nations and other individual people that they have to like the cars of Japan. I my self in the worldwide cars I would like to get a car from Japan.The technology of Japan had and will never be won with state in the coming century Different cars trucks ,medium cars and small luxury cars are mostly from Japan .Still advasing people dealing with cars chasing they have only deal with a Japanese cars for good business markers:People who are planing an order for buying cars from Japan are making good cars .I we said in the beginning of our paragraphs .The whole continent has developed much in cars production .In every year new cars are lived up in a harbour in Tokyo,Japan ready to be exported worldwide .Japan is the World leader in high tech and automobile industries and Japanese companies have now established manufacturing plants in countries as far away as the high standard of research in Japan and the ability of Japanese scientists to develop ideas that have originated alsroad.
Asia’s manufacturing capacity is unevenly spread,but growing quickly.Japan has a highly diversified industrial sector,constituting about one quarter of the labour force China ,Russia and India also have large manufacturing centres.In Japan manufacturing employs some 27percent of the workforce .It is concentrated in several provinces in the northeast east part of the country and other parties.
High -tech industry well -developed in Japan.During the 1990’s the government initiated the growth of industries such electronics by providing cheap state credit to emerging companies and encouraging foreign investiment .The well educated workforce provided an additional incentive to business.
The principal centres for the electronics industry are in the north.The majour countries of Asia continue to rely heavily and in some areas almost exclusively on railways
for both freight and passenger transportation .Passenger TrafficianJapan on most systems is particularly heavy because of rapidly increasing population and the comparative absence of modern highways

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