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Rashid Twaha kapungu from Tanzania message


Japanese car are affordable kind of car, with low fuel consumption, long lasting, original and it takes long time to damage, actually I’m not own such a car but I always used to drive my friends car they so good, I can’t imagine that one day we were moving around the city for various business issues with 20 litres of diesel, unfortunately we were round almost ten hour but still the fuel is ended, I wish I could by my own car from japan,,,, but all in all I still waiting for magic of 20th March this year to see the winner of the car, I would like to be chosen the winner because I am capable of promoting the car company business in all social media platforms so that the business can group widely and broadly globally.
The Japanese used cars can be accessed or easily bought by people from developing countries mostly in Africa and I think its a good opportunity for people to get the cars at low price.
The Advantage of the Japanese car company is that you deliver the goodies right at the door step of individual through ports and your customer services are promt and open.
I would also like to be chosen the winner because am capable of making the company greate as you get more and more customers world wide.Making me a winner will also change my life personally.

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