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Raphael Malien from Papua New Guinea message

Raphael Malien from Papua New Guinea message
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It’s just an amazing genuine competition promoted by a Japanese used car dealer known as CAR FROM JAPAN. What really inspires me is that entry to competition is TOTALLY FREE, yes TOTAL FREE and extremely easy to register on line, given if you are over 18 years of age or with guardians’ permission if under 18.

I have tried entry into various competitions within the country and abroad but never in my life won anything. I also entered this competition by CAR FROM JAPAN towards the end of last year in 2016 but never won any prizes. I was demoralised but never given up hope that this giant Japanese used car dealer would return again in 2017 with even better competition. My spirit was lifted when I sighted this competition again by CAR FROM JAPAN in my e-mail.

I didn’t hesitate and immediately agreed to participate in this TOTALLY FREE world class competition by registering on line. My registration was accepted and now I am a full participant in this mega competition promoted by this mega Japanese used car dealer called CAR FROM JAPAN.

I need to win this car because for a long time I haven’t got one. Owning a car is no longer a luxury but becomes a daily need to make life easier for a person like me. I can’t afford to buy one yet and felt that for a time being, the only way to own a car is to participate in this free giveaway competition. I am giving my fingers crossed and hope in my heart that my wishes bear fruit somewhere along the competition.

I have come to realised that CAR FROM JAPAN is the best Japanese used car dealer in the world at the moment. This is because from their websites I have come across, they have easy access to whole ranges of makes and models with unbelievable and unbeatable very cheap prices. They even calculate, using their on line calculator, the overall cost of the vehicle including the FOB in one’s own local currency. This is some steps a head of other Japanese used car dealers’ websites that I have sighted. So what more can I say except to say that CAR FROM JAPAN you are second to none in this business. You are simply the best.

I would also like to take this time to say a very heartfelt thanks to the mighty CAR FROM JAPAN for allowing me to compete in this world class and absolutely FREE competition.

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