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Randy Antonio Strachan from Bahamas message

Randy Antonio Strachan from Bahamas message
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Hello Leaders of Car From Japan, my name is Randy Antonio Strachan,I am 25 years old. I’m a hard working individual that is in great need of a vehicle. Its hard to buy a vehicle online and in my city these days pertaining to the country witch i live (The Bahamas) and the Laws that the leaders of my country has put in place restricting any vehicles over the age of 10 years cannot enter The Bahamas. I’m really in need of help with a vehicle for transportation for I’m a Disc Jockey, Its been very slow in the catering business for me for most functions are too far away for me to transfer equipment to and from, especially since the Hurricane that pasted a couple months ago in The Bahamas canceling hundreds of functions that were planed. I’m also a single Father of my daughter whom i try my best to provide and parent, therefore along with rent, bills & paying thers daily a ridiculous amount of cash to get to and from work, food stores, hospital etc, Its oh so hard to save money. I’m really in need of a vehicle for my career as an Disc Jokey, I would really like to take my career to a next level as a Entertainer, M.C, and Artist. A vehicle right now for me is a big issue for me, and I’m pretty much in a hole without one. An opportunity like this can really Jump start my career and business, I will be able to get around more social events, create a following and become a reliable asset to the tourism in our country for it is what we rely on. Mentioned earlier I can really use a van but I’m pretty fine with what ever I get if I’m your pick. If I’m your pick I will recommend everyone I know to this website and this business and I will advertise Car From Japan’s LOGO on every advertisement I ever publish without hesitation. If I’m your pick, every vehicle I ever buy will be from Car From Japan because once I’m making money I’m sure I’m going to save up for more vehicles. It’s amazing you guys are actually giving away a vehicle to people in need and I think that this business is honest and one of a kind, like really even if I’m not your pick I think you guys are an awesome company/team.

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