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Randolph Nawere from Kiribati message

Randolph Nawere from Kiribati message
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Dear Lan Phan
I am very happy to you in allowing my humble application to be one of your competitors in your great, enjoyable and best marvelous programme, The world already known your company had worked very hard to reach and aim for its target, and for that of your working hard, I myself could witnessed your working hard team spirit in-seeing and believing that your service of selling Japan cars to the world is very needed through out the world, especially my beloved country Kiribati including my humble and poor family. I am very eager and glad to know that without your very kind heart in sponsoring this very important campaign the world of your own great customer could not lift up into a new challenging in living, comforting and using a car from Japan

with all my humble message above, I would like to say from the bottom of my heart, that I am the one that very interested and love this campaign

please accept me to join your great campaign

God bless you and God will keep your company alive forever

thank you very much

Randolph Nawere

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