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Raita Beru from Kiribati message

Raita Beru from Kiribati message
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Thank you very much that I can be the winner for your Japanese used cars or THE CAR FROM JAPAN.

Honestly, I’m not really sure whether this, is true or not but I will put all my hope and trust that everything is going on smoothly.

The car from Japan can be one of the top companies in the world if everything you announced in the face book, twitter and the google are not faked but something that can help people who are deeply in need of transport such as cars and extra.

This is my first time to see this kind of prize which I can’t believe as a car to me is very expensive and I can’t afford to buy one because I’m the only one in the family who is working to support my family beside, my two children are in high school now and I have to pay their school fee for the first semester and second semester.

Here in Kiritimati we have lots of milk fish because there are lots of milk fish ponds. but the problem we don’t have transport to fish them as the ponds are very far. And marketing milk fish here is very high. It becomes one of the income on the island. People who have cars have lots of money because it’s very easy for them to fish and they also pay their children school fee from the money they get from selling out milk fish.

So my big request if you could kindly assist on this matter if possible from your end

Thank you very much

Awaiting your response at your earliest convenience

Raita Beru

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