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Rafique Anusse from Mozambique message

Rafique Anusse from Mozambique message
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I will be chosen as the winner because I dedicated myself a lot in this campaign and did everything I could to win the points and be at the top, even though I was late for the game but I tried.
About cars from Japan I think they are better in my point of view compared to the other manufacturers I know, Japanese cars are cars that anywhere in the world are appreciated since they are of high quality in terms of durability and in order. Are cars made to walk in any type of road, support the roads in very poor conditions, are cars I always see in any corner of Africa that I walk. I hope Japan car continued to do the best for the personal car enthusiasts of Japan. I was here again thanks for the opportunity they gave us to participate in this campaign was difficult to understand due to the perception of the English language here in Mozambique, but I tried to understand about the game after a few days of work and translation step by step. thank you

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