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Raad Louis Yousef Bader from UAE message

Raad Louis Yousef Bader from UAE message
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Why should you pick me as a winner..
Well .. there is so much cars in the world..but the idea of giving a free car to anyone in any country around the such a great spirit and a lovely surprise to right parson…am a very soft hearted young man…and there is nothing makes me happier than helping other people ..give a hand to others and do my very best..and the idea of winning a car..would be such a lovely thing for me At the moment since I don’t have a car at the moment..will encourage me drive more roads and keep the positive thinking and the high spirit achieve more goals..and help others in achieving theirs..
Thank you very much..
God bless you..
And god bless the people of our planet earth..and a very big thank you for the people of Japan and your great nation and your generosity.

How do I think about a car from Japan?
I would say…the idea of a great inspirational and positive thinking in letting someone far away from a different country by it such a great deal letting someone know..that he or she matters..puting a smile of people faces and make them happy is just wonderful..not To mention a car from Japan is one of the best cars production in the better can it gets than that..and what more can anyone asks for..than a lovely car from Japan as a gift.
Again, Thank you very much..
Holding on to my phone, Waiting for the Golden call, to announce me as a winner.

Many Thanks & Best Regards,

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