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Prosper Matimura from Zimbabwe message

Prosper Matimura from Zimbabwe message
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I think CAR FROM JAPAN, is a well organised online marketing and shopping company which has good customer care, prompt responses to customers and can go an extra mile to help customers get what they want. I had a personal experience of this when i was purchasing my car and a guy by the name Tunvir Rakib was helping me out. The process became so easy and i have noticed that CAR FROM JAPAN is good at relationship building which is what every customer needs.

I have also noticed that the japanese cars from CAR FROM JAPAN are always in good condition, clean and their mileage is not so big.The vehicles are clean with no mechanical defects.

I think you should pick me as a winner because i have learnt to acknowledge the basic things that CAR FROM JAPAN values the most – that is its customers and its products. I’m also willing to acquire training needed for me to be a top class representative of CAR FROM JAPAN and its sponsors. I also have a registered company which can trade as a CAR FROM JAPAN Japanese used car promoter or representative in my country. The company was registered in 2013 and is also registered for customs purposes also.

I also believe CAR FROM JAPAN needs a young, energetic and innovative person to represent them in ZImbabwe and as young man aged 30 years, with a B-Tech (hons) degree in Purchasing, Logistics and Transport with a CIPS qualification. I must say i have 5 years’ 6 months experience at my current position as a procurement and logistics person at my current Job and mainly in charge of International purchasing, inbound and outbound logistics, transport, shipping, stores management, forwarding and customs clearing.

I believe this is an added advantage for me to represent CAR FROM JAPAN in my country ZImbabwe

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