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Priscilla Mtawali from Malawi message

Priscilla Mtawali from Malawi message
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I am very glad to join this competition.

Cars from Japan are very genuine. I have bought two different types of cars direct from Japan for personal domestic use. My first vehicle was a Nissan Blue Bird, bought long time in 2002 and I stayed with it for 10 years before selling it.

I then bought another car, which am currently using a Toyota Nadia Hatchback which was bought in 2010 and is still going strong.

My next vehicle should certainly come from Japan! Because the vehicles from Japan are genuinely perfect and you cannot compare them with any….

My family likes the Toyota Nadia because it is very spacious and it can take us anywhere. We have used the vehicle for trips as long as 402 Kilometres to and from totalling 804Kms per trip without facing any problem. The second hand vehicles are almost new I can assure you.

I would encourage my friends and those reading my message to try them. Almost 85% of the Middle Class Malawian Citizens use the Japanese Used Cars because they are affordable. You certainly cannot make a mistake to purchase a car from Japan. Business men doing Mini bus operations in Malawi buy their vehicles from Japan and I happen to notice the same when I travelled to Kenya, Mombasa that their Matatu (Small buses) are also bought from Japan.

If successful in this competition, I am ready to promote the Cars from Japan even to the borders of Zambia and Tanzania as well as Kenya because I have friends from these countries and in no time they will all know that I am in possession of a new used Car from Japan thereby requesting them to try and buy one or more than that from Japan even joining the competition since its a long term competition that is going up to December 2017.

Five of my friends from my workplace own Cars imported from Japan whilst the who management team uses brand new Toyota vehicles imported from Japan through Toyota Company of Malawi.

Two of my sisters also use the Japanese used cars after changing their brands several times, Nissan Note, Toyota Vitz are some of the examples that they have so far bought from Japan.

You may wish to take note that I really feel priviledged to join the competition and for me to notice that theres this competition, it means I am a fun of Japanese cars because I manage to open the messages that I normally received in my email account that talks about promotions and the like.


Thanks for the promotion.

Priscilla Mtawali (Mrs)

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