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Pius E. Mihanjo from Tanzania message

Pius E. Mihanjo from Tanzania message
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Hello, thank you for this wonderful opportunity for any individual to get a chance to win a car from your company. What you are doing is very important to the customers and many people especially to a person who come from third world country like me, who dont own a car and i know i will not be able to afford to buy one.
I cant say direct you should pick me, all i want is for you to give that prize to someone who dont have a car especially for third world countries. I am sure that your company is equal to all and you should consider some criteria especially those who have not so that it will be meaningful to give that prize to someone like that. I will be very happy to see someone who doesnt have car like me will get one, i will be happy.
I am very happy to know much about the car from Japan, i heard that they have the best cars and i have manage so many times to check on your website and see how you operate, advertise and dealing with people, its very interesting. I must say that you are the best.
Thank you

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