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Philip Macharia Kamau from Kenya message

Philip Macharia Kamau from Kenya message
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Why Car from Japan and my vision on the brand!

I have been a keen motor enthusiast for some time though I do not own one myself. Getting quality second hand cars in Kenya has been a challenge especially for imported vehicles since it is hard to get genuine importers for the same in Kenya. Most incidents end up with a client getting poor quality vehicles for a great deal financially. It’s either the car has mechanical issues, stolen or adjusted mileage thus costing the buyer more than they had anticipated.
I came to learn about Car from Japan through social media adverts online and had to research more on how they operate from friends. To my surprise, the result turned out to be that Car from Japan has the best rating in importation of cars from Japan. Quality vehicles, variety options, secure transactions and honesty to clients are among the keys to their rating! Best pricing and money back guarantee option too are very unique to the platform. I since made a vow that in the near future when all will be well with me financially that I will definitely import my car to Kenya through Car from Japan since I am certain of quality affordable second hand cars through them. That way I can continue being an ambassador of the company and encourage my fellow youth mates on using their platform for all their vehicle needs. I also hope that one day I will be able to import more for resale locally thus making myself a Dealer for the brand!
Every time Car from Japan runs this competition, I always join hoping that one day I will get my surprise right! …..and hopefully get a branded hatchback one with Car from Japan Logo!

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