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Peter Okullo from Uganda message

Peter Okullo from Uganda message
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I am very proud of buying used cars from Japan. I bought my car from Japan in 2011 and up to date I have never faced any challenge on the repairs. Engine of my car is still in-tacked without any leakage, the radiator is very good, I can only top up water if I want to remove that which has over stayed but the volume has never gone down even if I drive over 700 Kilometers. The sound has never changed since I bought my car. After service, it takes me again the full round of the millage without any problem. Nowadays I can see my car becoming very important. I can’t live with out it. I have many advantages over it.
First of all, I can finish the things that I want to do or get in town in a very short time by car. For example If I want to buy something like food, or clothes I will go shopping buy my car in the short time. Also if I have emergency problem, like someone sick I will take that person to a hospital in the short time.Drop and pick my kids from school even if it is raining.
Furthermore, it’s easy to travel to other cities by car. For example, If I have to travel to other city by my car, I can go to any places I want. However, If I travel by bus, the bus driver has station his will stop in it, then you I take another kind of transport. I have never seen too much smoke coming out of my car that can cause pollution to the environment since I bought it. These are the few reasons I am proud of cars from Japan. The good thing with cars from Japan is that its spare parts are available in the market here in Uganda and also the sales representatives who can connect you to japan in case there is need to get the spare from there. Japanese used cars are affordable even to those who do not have much money. Their suppliers are also very cooperative, you can even get a car on loan then you pay in installments.The spare parts for Japan cars are always available in the market and affordable making it easier to service even to those who do not earn a lot of money. Japan cars have facilitated businesses in Uganda.

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