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Peter NYANG'ANYI Mwita from Tanzania message

Of course , I like cars from Japan and since I try my best level to make sure that one day I should hold and drive a car from Japan especially Toyota harrier is the one I am looking for but unfortunately my salary is still underpay (very small amount) eventhough I have bachelor in procurement and supply chain management for five years working in the local government of Tanzania
So if I could be given a chance as a winner of the car from Japan , I will be Thanksgiving to CAR FROM JAPAN CO., LTD
For giving me this great opportunity and prestige, and I will use all my procurement skills to advertise the car qualities and economical consumption of fuel of the cars from Japan Co., Ltd.
Thanks ,
Madam, Lan- Chief Marketing Officer Car from Japan Co.,Ltd
Let me be the winner of the car from Japan Co., Ltd.

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