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peter njenga from Kenya message

peter njenga from Kenya message
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I take this opportunity to thank this company for giving us this chance to at least participate in this competition. For most of us who are not able to own a car through buying due to financial constraints we ara very greatful. The car from Japan is a company I have been following for a long time . l have been your messenger for over three years .This is because your cars are of high standard ,good condition and your prices are cheap compared to other companies in the markets. I like your marketers as they are qualified and experienced. Your vehicles are the latest in the market and those that are in good condition. You have opened so many branches in various countries this has made it easier for your company to be known all over the world. My dream car is Toyota premier of the latest model. This is because this car is auto drive ,has good and comfortable interior, long lasting since its durable and associated with high class calibre . Its my wish that your company will recognise me and reward my effort of being your ambassador in Kenya . I always associate myself with your company as always enter your page almost daily.Your company also has the best shipping procedure where one can import car from you in the shortest time possible ,one is also assured of getting his car of choice in the same condition as seen from the photo. The safety of the vehicle is assured from transist up to destination point. I will continue to be your messenger as it makes me proud to be associated with you people. I like the way you handle your customers as you really know your customers are your kings .please I do request you to consider me in this competition as its the fourth in four consecutive years.I Will always join hands with you people to make your company one of the best in the world. Long live car from Japan as your cars always consider those of low class economically and are well discounted.I want to be the winner of the first come December 2017 when the draw will be done and also win other prizes in the competition. I also request other competitors to welcome other people so as to promote this company to greater heights. Thank you car from Japan as I really believe and trust that the first prize will be mine from Kenya .I request my fellow kenya ns promoting this company by importing as many vehicles as possible from car from Japan.Though the limitations of the country on the age of vehicle’s not to be more than 7 years ,this company has considered all this factors and has the best in the market as compared to other companies selling second hand vehicles. Millage in you cars are quite less as your cars are almost new. Finally your company is almost on all sjapan. platforms that is from twitter, Google, Facebook among others. Thank you in advance may the Almighty God give you strength to continue serving us throughout the years to come .Long live car from japan.

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