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Peter Katamba from Tanzania message

Peter Katamba from Tanzania message
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I’m writing to your company to convey immense pleasure and gratitude to first of all your country Japan for amazing used cars that you are supplying to African countries. They are of good quality hence would like to compliment the staff and management of your companies. I would also like to understand as to whether the CAR FROM JAPAN is an independent company or state owned!. Personally I own a small car Toyota Passo bought in Tanzania from one company said to be Japani’s used car agent. I used the car for home to work trips and back covering about 40KM daily for about three and half years. I made three longer trips with it as well that covers a distance of about 1900 KM round trip each. I made several trips that covers 400KM round trips but the car remained stronger but to me such car was not made for longer trips. I am extremely happy with the car though it is getting old now I need replacements. I currently don’t have sufficient fund for immediate car outlay so I am trying my lucky through this promotional competition. I prefer Toyota Hilux Tundra or vigo. These are the car that are used by my former employer and can be used for longer trips. These are in the form of pick ups and are performing very well. Peter Katamba

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