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Peter Chacha from Tanzania message

Peter Chacha from Tanzania message
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Why should we pick you as the winner?:

You should pick me as a winner because in my country I have been telling and emphasizing a lot of people including my parents and other car ordering and selling agencies in Tanzania to use your website CAR FROM JAPAN to buy the Japanese used cars since it is one among the cheapest place to get the best-conditioned Japanese used cars. I do this manually (physically as a consulting person to whoever wants to order and buy a Japanese used car online in Tanzania) and now that I have this opportunity from CAR FROM JAPAN to let people know online, I believe I will be a very good ambassador of CAR FROM JAPAN and I will reach a lot of people globally, all over the World to make them aware of where to get the best-conditioned and cheap priced Japanese used cars.

It is my wish that this thing should not only be basing on people’s luck, and instead, you should select people and make them ambassadors of CAR FROM JAPAN and even create some more office branches with yards full of varieties of different Japanese used cars so that the local people in African countries, in rural areas especially, who have the money but do not have the internet connection and computers to help them order and buy Japanese used cars online can benefit the services you provide locally in their areas.

From that point, I feel so proud to say that you should pick me as a winner yes, but it also should not end up there as a winner of CAR FROM JAPAN, but also you should make me the ambassador of your company CAR FROM JAPAN in my country of residence and I will be the perfect candidate who will help to create awareness about CAR FROM JAPAN to the people of my country and also help in selling the Japanese used cars while representing you in my country and Worldwide online too.

How do think about CAR FROM JAPAN?:

A car has become a basic need especially in urban areas of many countries Worldwide. Also in businesses like Transportations, Tourisms, Constructions and engineerings, and Agriculture they depend on cars, cars are essential and important to facilitate those businesses. Now CAR FROM JAPAN is really helping a lot of people around the World to get into those businesses by offering them an opportunity to buy the Japanese used cars because the new cars are expensive and not many people can afford a brand new car.

I am focusing on Africa because it is where I reside and I face and see the difficulties people are facing when it comes to the issues of transportation, Agriculture, and Engineering Constructions. So when I think of CAR FROM JAPAN, and the Japanese used cars they sell, I see a solution to almost many of those challenges which we are facing in Africa and other countries with the same situation like the countries in Africa.


With all that I have said, it is my hope that I will be chosen as a winner of a Japanese used car and hopefully to be the brand ambassador of CAR FROM JAPAN to represent you in my country Tanzania.

Thank you and welcome.

Peter C. Chacha,

Kunduchi Beach, Mtongani.
P.O. Box 14599,
Dar es Salaam – Tanzania.

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