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Pauline Wamoi from Papua New Guinea message

Pauline Wamoi from Papua New Guinea message
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I am so glad to be part of the campaign for CAR FROM JAPAN. I think I should be considered because I am a daily user of the internet, facebook and google and gmails through that I can be able to share more links on Japanese used car so that more people will or can join in the campaign on CAR FROM JAPAN. You should pick me because in my small village here in Korere in East New Britain, transport is a very big issue. Employees rush to catch a pmv to work daily and even students schooling in town ususally arrive late. I have five children. The eldest is in grade 8, my next daughter is in grade 6, and third in grade 3. The fourth in prep. I am also a single mother and to prepare them all for school is very challenging. The problem we face daily is transport. They usually arrive late in school and because of that, they have moved in to be with their grandparents because they have a vehicle which would be able to drop them off in school and pick them up. That is why I really need a vehicle to assist my children to school and even myself. As a single mother with five children it is very difficult but I am sure CAR FROM JAPAN will assist me in that area. I travel everyday to work approximately 20 kilometers to work everyday and have to catch two separate vehicles daily for five days a week. Because of that, I arrive 2 to three hours late. And currently I have been so desperate for a vehicle. I even sought a loan from bank of south pacific to purchase a vehicle last week monday but dissapointedly they rejected my loan application. I was not so happy about that and since I saw this campaign, I thought for a moment, is this for real? Today I called the person who sent this to me and she gave me a brief. I feel so privileged and blessed that I am part of this campaign. Actually I do not really know much about CAR FROM JAPAN, but I have heard about Japanese used car. I see iy many times in my emails. And I wonder how will I get hold of a car from Japan especially when my wages is less than K1500.00 and trying to fend for five kids and travelling costs to and from work. But I thank God, I have found CAR FROM JAPAN when Actually I do not really know about CAR FROM JAPAN

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