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patrincio cuaramba from Mozambique message

patrincio cuaramba from Mozambique message
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There are many advantages in me that could bring an increase to sales to Car From Japan. For example: I belong to young generation which its representation ranges about 80% of the total population in my country. To be representative of Car From Japan, could attract a lot of people especially, the young generation. This is one of the advantages which could benefit Car From Japan.
How I think about Car From Japan is that, i should continue expanding market in Africa. Africa is developing in all aspects. The need of personal transport is becoming a necessity to everyone because African leaderships do not insure the availability of public transport to all citizens and it ha a long route to go. For this matter, car from Japan could take this opportunity to make business. A lot of people do appreciate Car from Japan because of good quality and longer lasting which is suitable for any type of road in county side and city.

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