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PATRICK NJOROGE KAMAU from Kenya message

PATRICK NJOROGE KAMAU from Kenya message
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Hi, Lan Phan
First, i am a young entrepreneur, doing retail business in stationery and printing, which requires alot of movements and i operate from East Africa, particularly Kenya which is a key player of trade in this region. Second my goal and aspiration is to be one of the highly ranked businessman in the business world. Third I have seen your cars doing very well here and their spare parts locally available and pocket friendly. Fourth, our current government is doing very well to develop the road network which means good maintenance of cars here and many people will go for them and i am in the fore front of recommending them to purchase from car from Japan. In Kenya i hail from the central part which is well known of producing the best entrepreneurs in this region.
Please !!! i need to win this.

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