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Patrick Misinde from Malawi message

Patrick Misinde from Malawi message
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morning my valued customers
you should choose me as the winner not only that am the keen follower of japan cars through the net .But your cars are second to main dream is one day to drive a best car from you guys.
we know the world is struggling financially but as an individual am thinking of buying one before end of this year.i have started saving little coins so that by November or December I should be able to drive one of my choice from Japan cars.Now after seing this advert I said wow this is my chance to drive my dream car before end of the I know definitely this will go my way.Another secret is that your cars are easily maintained .For us in a remote countries we can easily maintain as the spares are locally found and slightly cheaper than some of the cars bought in other countries.Your cars though you put the word used car but they are not used cars as you meant. some cars have 99, 000 milege and you find it on the selling sheet.this is as good as donating to an orphan..well let me rest there as I need to prepare myself with driving skills while waiting my gift.thanks
Patrick Misinde,Lujeri Estates, box 133,mulanje,malawi

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