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PATRICK KIGOLA from Tanzania message


First of all i would like to pay my sincere thanksfulness to the sponsors and the brand for establishing the competetion where one should win and the right person being me.

If i win the competetion i will be a good ambassodor to both the sponsors as well as the brand,actually in Tanzania many people are in need of buying motor vehicles for their daily activities,but the issue comes to where to buy,which to buy and the right price to buy.

These circumstances lead them to buy the most used cars for very high price which at the end of the day they end up to the the loss which doesnt encourage others to think of buying a car again.

Japanese car are the only cars which people in Tanzania prefer to buy and use them that are good and condussive so i will help the brand to sell the the car stock.

Therefore by winning the competetion and being rewarded a car ,every customer will trust me cause i will be advertising the commodity which is within me,and by doing so company will encrease the number of customers very fast

Also i will express the sponsors as well as the brand to the social media like facebook,twiter and instargram by displaying the sample of the car i been rewarded and telling them of the brand there fore they can communicate directly.

I believe for those few words above they may reflect my focus for the band and the sponsor,i end by saying that”my winning the competetion is a million success of the brand and sponsors
Have a good day

                         Patrick kigola

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