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PATRICK KIBUULE from Uganda message

PATRICK KIBUULE from Uganda message
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Dear Madam Lan,
I hope every thing is moving on well in Japan, Allow me extend my sincere appreciation to you and the entire CAR FROM JAPAN Management for organising this interesting and precious campaign. I personally i have love for cars from Japan for their durability, user friendlyness, easy to repair and even availability of the spare parts. Uganda being in a Third World docket, most of us we can afford Used cars from Japan the New brands are normally purchased by People in Higher Class, Organisations and the Government.
The Pickup which i had it was stolen by unknown people i think to them they loved it more than me but am sure at one time I will acquire another one and this time round i need a stronger one (Nissan Patrol) which i think is suitable for my agricultural work thats why with all the above the management of CAR FROM JAPAN can be convienced that i surely deserve to be the lucky winner for this Car from Japan campaign.
I think CAR FROM JAPAN is the biggest car manufacturing plant on this planet Earth becouse am more than sure that in all Countries all over the World Japanese vehicles have floaded markets meaning there is no any other manufacturing company that beats you in making durable and confirtable cars.
All i can say that if by God`s glace am chosen as the winner in this campaign that Nissan Patrol will be Heaven on Earth for me.

For God and My Country.
So help me Lord

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