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Patrick Khaemba Wafula from Kenya message

Patrick Khaemba Wafula from Kenya message
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If picked as the winner of one of the four vehicles,I will brand it as CAR FROM JAPAN GIVE A WAY GIFT and use it to advertise your business here in Kenya and even the neighbor countries in East Africa. I will also ensure that many customers as possible buys from your company.
I think it is a good marketing strategy and a way of appreciating and encouraging shoppers to keep visiting your side for latest update in stock availability and what is on offer.
Japanese used car has made mobility accessible to all low,medium and high class earners allover the world.
Before Japanese used car came into the African market,ownership of a car was only a preserve of the rich,Government,Organizations and Cooperates.
Japanese used car has boosted the oil industry in business and helped in creating employment of up 40% allover the world in sales,service and transport industries.
Japanese used car gives the owner a guarantee of resale value if well maintained as compared to new vehicles from China,India,Korea,Germany and other manufacturers that their products are not popular in the African market.
Japanese used car regardless of the make and model is tested and proved that it can be trusted and is suitable for all.
Japanese used car is the world leader in motoring industry that covers about 60% on every road.
Japanese used car has helped the world preserve the environment due its easy and affordable maintenance.
Japanese used car is the best option for car owners and those that are buying for the first time because of the varieties available either directly in the local market or ready to import from Japanese market.
Japanese used car is the every inquiry be it online or for us who are in motor vehicle sales and services,every time a customer wants to replace their car or they are making a new inquiry,the word is Japanese used car.
Personally am a car dealer and I only deal in Japanese used cars as they are the only once that guarantees my money turn around faster so that I in turn can replenish my stock.
Japanese used car has also become a darling of all financiers as it guarantees them of the resale value in the event of any repossession.
Japanese used has boosted the Insurance,Tracking and fleet management and security industries in business as they all compliment one another.
Japanese used car has enabled all businesses across the board to offer transport to their employees who work on shifts and to those who are in field to boost their mobility and in turn brings in high production and more new business.
Japanese used car has enabled farmers and rural forks to access transport easily be it in ownership or hire services.
Japanese used car has made transport more accessible at the hospitals, schools,entertainment places, supermarkets,banks,highways,market squares and other public places.
Japanese used car gives me value and a reason to stand out and be counted among the car owners.
Japanese used car is my partner in all my transport and business needs
Japanese used car is friendly and always welcome in every family.
Japanese used car continues to rule and dominates all markets all over the world.
I deserve to be picked as the WINNER because I deal in Japanese used car to earn a living for myself, friends and family.

Keep it up.
Patrick Wafula.

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