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patrick chepkwony from Kenya message

patrick chepkwony from Kenya message
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i have participated severally in the giveaway competition this time i mean its not only gonna be about participation but i wanna reach to many people out there and make them understand on why should one prioritise car from japan ,i trust in GODS GRACE THAT I MIGHT BE THE LUCKY WINNER ,i will try my best and car from japan will do the rest.
car from japan this competition on give away is not just about competing but to me its been an eye opener to me .since i joined this competition the notifications ,mails and promotions i have received from car from japan it has increased my perception on importation of japanese used cars .for long i have been with the perception that only the rich can import cars but with the illumination from car from japan ,it has proved to me that anybody can import japanese used cars.
more so its cheaper to import car from japan directly compared to when one buys locally imported,or thro’ an agent .thanks for that car from japan.
also thanks to you that many families are able to afford cars,
CAR FROM JAPAN you are the only company that i know of being generous through sharing ,you have managed to brighten the faces of many may your good deeds continue ,i confess that i am in love with car from japan plus its awesome products that are original ,high quality ,durable ,gauranteable ………. simply i cant exhaust your qualities because they poses desired great standards that is why car from japan products are found in every corner of the world e.g toyota ,ford ,subaru,nissan ……etc.
trust me by one word of advise from me is ,”keep up with the good deeds.”
Car from Japan I a sure you that despite being a student I understand much about car from Japan given a chance you won’t regret because I have gone through the university and still continuing believe me I know what a brand rep means .besides that I love cars and that takes care of my passion Japanese used cars of what I know of cars is the best,for now I’m your rep without being legally recognized but I Careless of recognition since the brands associated with you are quality so I won’t have problem in marketing car from Japan your brands are the best in my country so far. Looking forward to be your legal brand Rep, thanks in advance.

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