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Patricia Kabongo from D.R. Congo message

Patricia Kabongo from D.R. Congo message
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As an African from a country in financial and political difficulties like mine (RD Congo), a great opportunity such as this one can be a life changing situation. I live in France as we speak. I am a single mother of a 7 years old boy this March 14. I cannot all by myself take care of my son and send on a monthly basis enough money back home for my mother who is not working. If luck strikes me that I get to win a car. I will have it be a transportation car. A taxi at the international airport of Kinshasa and taking them down with a Japanese second-hand car still in good conditions. Brief, start transportation business, which will be a great income for my mother and the people around her. This will be a relief for me and I will not have to struggle and worry as much as I constantly am. I will focus on mostly my son then I will get myself back to school so that I can get a better earning job in the near future and this will make me a role model in my son’s like. I truly hope I have a point for you to believe in me.

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