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Owen Mudenda from Zambia message

Owen Mudenda from Zambia message
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Good day,

It is my pleasure to take part in the competition being conducted by CAR FROM JAPAN. I personally congratulate CAR FROM JAPAN and all other stakeholders involved in this recommendable work, keep it up.

As and when I am picked as a winner my aim is to become the ambassador for CAR FROM JAPAN in our country – Zambia, despite the fact that there are other car exporters to Zambia it is a well know fact that Zambia has been ranked among the top 3 destination for Japanese automobiles. This is what gives me the courage to foster the image of CAR FROM JAPAN in Zambia

CAR FROM JAPAN is a company I believe over time will also become a force to reckon with among vehicle importers to Zambia. By conducting such competitions it will be possible to penetrate the Zambian market with easy because winners will be representatives for CAR FROM JAPAN as the word-of-mouth marketers, more over the best gifts in life are given from someone’s heart, which I believe CAR FROM JAPAN is doing through such competitions
I end be encouraging the staff and management of CAR FROM JAPAN to keep up the good work.

Best regards

Owen Mudenda

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