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Owen Kasweka from Zambia message

Owen Kasweka from Zambia message
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I would like to Have my own Car for the First time in my Family, since in my Family Non have Had a Car Before and I would like to be the first of Having it.
CAR FROM JAPAN is the one that Drives the would so far as far as I know in my Country Zambia Everyone is Dreaming of Having a Car from Japan because Japanese Cars are Strong and Durable. Also I am facing Transport Challenges when going for Work and School, especially if someone is Sick in the Night transport is a Challenge so with a win of a Car From CAR FROM JAPAN will be a great Breakthrough in my Life and Family I believe I will be among the Winning team to win a Grand Price of a Car from Japan.
With that I will say Life will become Livable and start Focusing on other things that will need my attention. as you know owning a car this Days is not about a Stature anymore but a Need as it Helps us to go from point A to Point B Quicker and on Time. A car also Help when it comes to making Money for a Leaving there are many people today who are making a Leaving out of a Car by the means of Transport and helping Carry Heavy Goods to and from. I will very glad should I Win a Car.
My Father Has Been Driver for All of His entire Life about 30 years as a Driver so seeing me with a Car will be a very good thing for Him to see me Driving my own car not as Him who only Drives it for His work but my very own Car, I really appreciate Car from Japan giving me the Opportunity of owning my own Car simply by signing up and do the thing they tell us to do which is also simple to do like sharing, signing up others, inviting others, it is really indeed a simple way of owning a car of my own and I hope many will sign up too to get this wonderful opportunity to own a car. Thank you

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