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oward kapoma from Tanzania message

oward kapoma from Tanzania message
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On the first topic about car from Japan.
A car from Japan are sold at low prices with high quality and consumers have resorted for ordering for car from Japan through internet. The whole world is aware that Japanese used cars are cheapest in this planet. Japanese used cars come with many bundled accessories, which make buying a used Japanese cars more profitable.
Other reason behind the cheapest pricing of the used Japanese cars and great availability include the following;
First; The price of cars is the cheapest in Asia, the pricing of the Japanese cars are cheapest in the Asia countries, when it comes to Japan, the prices of the cars are even dead cheap. That is the reason why the Japanese people buy new cars frequently as the new model are introduced. This makes theirvold used Japan cars to be well maintained by the owner. The Japanese used car inventory expands as people models cars and sell used cars for very low prices.
The second reason is the way special Japanese loan system, the outline of the car loan system in Japan is that you can buy a new car for almost half of the original price of the vehicle. Here is how it works , example you are buying a car that costs US$ 90,000 which has a resale value of 50%. Through the unique Japanese loan system you will have to pay only US$ 45,000 for the vehicle. The car loan system provides an opportunity to deduct the resale value of the car. After some two (2) years, you have to resale the car to the dealer and get a new car in the same manner, this makes used Japanese cars accumulate for inventory.
The third reason is the import tax, people around the globe really have a hard time when importing luxuries used card from other countries, there are certain situation where the import tax of the used car will be very much greater than the price for which you bought the car. However, things are very different in the case of importing used cars directly from Japan. As it heard that importing used Japan cars are not associated with any import tax. And this is absolutely true, you do not need to pay even a single penny as import tax while importing used cars from Japan. More over all related taxes are very low for the used Japan cars when compared to the others.
Apart from those reasons I also like Japanese used car models and brands because care of the environmental result of fuel burning, there is no air pollution and noise pollution, hence in case of accidents there is a lot of fractures and deaths occuring due to lack of proper spacing. Modelling and make car from Japan has come up with different models and stylish make of Japanese used cars that are attractive and ruling in the market for example TOYOTA LEXUS and LANDROVER.
also in case of fuel consumption for car from Japan, this depends with the clients choice of the model, since some heavy models are just fuel guzzlers while some utilize less depending also with the covered distance.

Also concerning the second topic, potential winner will be chosen and contacted via email by car from Japan with instructions on how to choose and received by price. If the winner disagree to receive his/ her prize or does not ccooperate or respond within three (3) days after he/she is contacted, such winner might be disqualified. In this case, another eligible entrant may be selected by car from Japan.
Car from Japan will send emails calls to contact the winners. Car from Japan will not be responsible to not respond timely and gets disqualified as a result of failed contact attempts.
Further details for receiving the prize will be provided to winners directly by a car from Japan. Winner will select the delivery port and car from Japan will arrange the delivery of the prize of car from Japan’s sole discretion. The winner is solely responsible for all expenses after the car reaches the selected port for example , applicable tax, clearing services, car insurance, licensing, registration, tittle and other fees associated with receiving the prize.

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