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oshan malinga from Sri Lanka message

oshan malinga from Sri Lanka message
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when i was small child my bought a
Japanese used car.i learn to drive from
this Japanese used car. my favorite CAR
FROM JAPAN is land cruiser that came my
country on 1980. it is an vary beautiful
Japanese used car.later father bought a
another Japanese used car .its a double
cab 4X4 1983 also its CAR FROM JAPAN.
i am vary thankful for CAR FROM JAPAN
for given this sir Lanka
lots people used to buy Japanese used car.
because more durability in Japanese used
car’s.there some importing CAR FROM JAPAN.
people more like CAR FROM JAPAN rather then
another of my friend has a garage ,
and he is making Japanese used we have
all the spare parts for Japanese used car.
some people are import brand new CAR FROM JAPAN.
now days there are many types of CAR FROM JAPAN.

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