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Orishaba Patience from Uganda message

Orishaba Patience from Uganda message
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first of all i would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to take part in this competition.

I must say that, If Japan was not into making and selling cars, the world would be lacking the previlage of enjoying the easiness a car brings. all my life i have loved cars and the ones from Japan and in particular the TOYOTA brand and a RAUM the current model is my favorite.

The world we are in today many activities will get stuck. I have come to learn that they are easy to maintain and their spare parts are readily available. they are durable and much appreciated. I have seen and hard of cars made from other countries but the ones that are made from Japan superceeds them all.

with the cars from Japan, life has become easier,
transport from one place to another has been made easier,
health has improved amongest the communities,
the industry sector has grown
the economy has grown with the easy movement from one place to another,
many services have been taken to unreachable places
all this has been possibly done with cars from Japan.

Japanese Used car is much affordable compared to the rest.
CAR FROM JAPAN are environmental friendly and when well maintained, they can last long.
my prayer is that i will be selected as the winner in this competition because i need one for my business and family related issues yet with my finances i can not afford to secure one for my self.
once again, thank you so much for allowing me to be part of the competition.

Patience. Orishaba

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