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olusegun davies from Nigeria message

olusegun davies from Nigeria message
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it remains a question ,who produce the most friendly and economical vehicle in the world, the answer is to say, any car from japan is like a car both directly from the original manufactural,like wise from another country. Can you believe I drive a Toyota corolla 1984 model in south Africa for 4years with out servicing and is still like new.and presently I studied marketing my dad was ex sales director dealing in Japanese to say I was raised playing with Japanese cars.and my publicity on the social media is exclusive, and one of the best.and being a winner will promote car from japan in Nigeria were I believe is one of the biggest market in Africa or it will enhance my promo to be a qualified car importer.
and cars from japan is a kind of cars that has lowmilage and neat exterior and interior.
I will be glad if I can be a winner, like I said Japanese cars are trendy

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